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Working with Employers to Prevent Work Injuries

Work environments vary dramatically for business to business and so do the injuries that occur there. Some injuries are minor and some are severe. What they often have in common is that when an employee becomes injured at work, there is a real cost involved, above and beyond the suffering of the victim. Another thing they often have in common is that in many cases, they could have been prevented.

Working with the doctors at Henschell Chiropractic, employers can create a safer working environment. For example, if lifting heavy objects is part of the job – a common culprit for back injury on the job – Dr. Henschell can offer a class to teach how to properly lift heavy objects to employees to better prevent those types of injuries.

Another way Henschell Chiropractic might help an employer prevent work injuries, might be by offering employees and owners the chance to have an examination performed. Healthy bodies get injured far less frequently!

What do I do if I’ve been injured on the job?

Even with the best prevention, injuries happen. Whether it’s you who has been hurt or your employee, come see us. We’re trained to handle any of work-related injury. Call Henschell Chiropractic in Bonney Lake at 253-862-1555.

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