NUMBNESS IN EXTREMITIES (HANDS & FEET)2018-07-10T20:29:11-08:00

Chiropractors and Pinched Nerves

Numbness in your hands or feet or arms and legs is often a signal that the nerves in your back are unable to get the proper connection to your arms and legs. Often, this occurs when a vertebra has shifted and is placing pressure on the nerve that exits your spine and sends signals to your extremities. Other times, the disc that rests between the vertebrae may be leaking out and interfering with the nerve.

The doctors at Henschell Chiropractic will gently adjust your spine to reposition the vertebrae and remove pressure off the nerve. This also allows space for the disc to return to its proper location. As a result, your pain is decreased and the tingling and numbing sensations lessen. Many of our clients feel these improvements following one chiropractic care adjustment. Others may require a few adjustments before results are seen, but our natural approach is lasting and effective. Dr. Henschell may suggest other techniques such as massage therapy to improve circulation to your extremities and ease your discomfort.

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