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Our doctors treat you with compassion and skill.

All of our doctors have years of experience and are committed to continuing their education with the latest techniques and technologies.

Dr. Martin Henschell | Chiropractor in Bonney Lake, WA
Dr. Martin Henschell | Chiropractor in Bonney Lake, WA

Dr. Martin Henschell, DC

Dr. Henschell was born and raised in the Winnipeg area of Manitoba, Canada. Much of his early life was spent outdoors, enjoying the beautiful region and working hard on the family property. Dr. Henschell earned his doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West in California, specializing in wellness and Diversified and Activator techniques.

In 1998, Dr. Henschell moved to Seattle to work as an associate doctor. As an associate, he was able to advance his chiropractic skills and work with one of the most experienced animal adjusters in the state.

In 2001, he moved to Bonney Lake to open his own clinic. He had no employees or front desk help and rented out a room to local massage therapists. The business quickly grew. In 2012, he opened the doors to the newly built Henschell Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center building. At the opening, the business employed a full staff of doctors, office staff and massage therapists. Today, Dr. Henschell is proud to offer the best Chiropractic care in the area.

“Our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is its nature. Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself, it will do more than if you paralyze it by encumbering it with remedies.”

Quote from War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy

Dr. Alta Mahan | Chiropractor in Bonney Lake, WA

Dr. Alta Mahan, DC

Dr. Alta Mahan holds Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees and specializes in pediatrics, pregnancy, and wellness. She is experienced in Thompson, Diversified, and Activator techniques.

Dr. Alta focuses her work on families and children. “My first adjustment in student clinic was when I knew I wanted to work with kids. It was a patient that was only a week old. In that week, he had only slept a total of a few hours, screamed most of the time and the young parents were a total wreck. I assessed the baby and did an adjustment. While I was doing the paperwork – and being in clinic there was a lot to do – I looked over at the mom who was crying. Without realizing it, the baby had fallen asleep and slept the whole time I did the paperwork. I checked him a few days later and his sleep patterns had become normal for an infant of this age. He never had a problem like that again. The parents were more grateful than I could have ever thought possible at that moment. I knew I would spend my life working with kids to allow them to start their life out properly.”

“I always take the time to appreciate where I am for what it is. I seek out the excitement of the strange and not the comfort of the familiar. I’m not trying to lose myself, or even find myself for that matter. My goal is just to enjoy myself, learn something, and gain an appreciation for the amazing complexity of this planet, and the people who live on it. Where ever I go I bring myself. And so far it’s always been a round trip.”

– Michael J. Fox

Dr. Jeffrey Olsen, DC | Chiropractor in Bonney Lake, WA

Dr. Jeffrey Olsen, DC

On July 4, 1994- a few weeks after graduating from Olympic High School in Bremerton, WA- Dr. Olsen was involved in a high speed rollover accident. After not getting many results from medical doctors he ended up seeing a chiropractor. The Chiropractor was great! He was the first person to actually EXPLAIN what had happened in the accident and why Dr. Olsen was injured. He slowly showed Dr. Olsen how a chiropractic adjustment worked, that it was safe and that it was the form of care that would most likely help him with his injuries. The rest is history; 22 years later and still living the chiropractic lifestyle and helping his patients understand the power of their bodies and the power of chiropractic care!

Dr. Olsen lives in Maple Valley with his wife Amy and their two boys Brady and Sean. He loves to stay active, spend time with his kids and teach people about healthy living through diet, exercise and chiropractic care.