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Bonney Lake, WA

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Experience diversity at our warm and friendly heath center. We are home to 3 chiropractors and 7 massage therapists. Maintain optimal heath with our attentive therapeutic yoga and weight loss programs. Our talented staff share strong relationships between themselves, and will treat you as one of their close friends.

Know Our Therapists

Friendly And Warm Therapists By Your Side

Kelly Bounting, LMP

Kelly completed her massage education at Seattle Massage School, graduating with honors and becoming a Licensed Massage Practitioner in 1997. Kelly is certified in Structural Relief Therapy, a technique based on shortening muscles to encourage release. Kelly also practices an abundant variety of other techniques including Swedish massage, myofascial release, and deep tissue. In 2005, Kelly joined the Henschell Chiropractic team. Kelly enjoys how caring our staff is, but is even more impressed by the great attitudes of our clients.


When it comes to massage Kelly wants people to know, just like other healthcare options, it requires a good personal relationship between patient and therapist. “Don’t give up if the first time you try massage it wasn’t up to your expectations,” she says. “Find a therapist that you trust and will work with you on healing your injuries.” When Kelly is not at work she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren. She also enjoys road trips, the beach, sporting events and playing games.

Amanda Wilson, LMP

Amanda has been a License Massage Therapist for over 10 years.  10 years of that has been here at Henschell Chiropractic. She is certified in pregnancy massage. She is passionate about working with mothers before and after birth. She also finds it very rewarding helping those with injuries return to health.


Amanda is a native to Bonney Lake. Having been raised here, she has seen much change in our community. She is proud to serve as a healthcare provider alongside what she believes to be a thoughtful and knowledgeable staff.

Tina Marbet, LMP

Tina joined Henschell Chiropractic in 2010 as a Licensed Massage Practitioner. She has spent the past 6 years practicing Swedish massage techniques, deep tissue and the last 3 years of that she also been studying Structural Relief Therapy, a technique based on shortening muscles to assist in their release.


What Tina loves most about her job is the interaction with the people and also that reducing someone’s pain levels can change their quality of life. She wishes everyone knew the healing benefits of massage and chiropractic care. When Tina is not in the office, she enjoys camping, horseback riding, target shooting, hiking with her dog and music events.

Pat Ambur, LMP

Pat joined the Henschell chiropractic team in July of 2014. She has seen throughout her life, many incidents demonstrate to her that massage can help people free themselves from pain. She decided to make it her career and graduated from school in 2003 from Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle.


In 2010 she moved to South King County and worked on her own until she found the right team of people to join.  Pat provides a variation of massage techniques including Swedish, Structural Relief Therapy, Intra Oral and lymphatic drainage. When not massaging at Henschell Chiropractic, Pat likes to turn her hands to gardening.

Melanie Moeller, LMP

Melanie specializes in both Swedish and deep tissue massage. Melanie joined our office in 2002 as a Chiropractic Assistant.  In 2007 she attended Massage Connection and became a Licensed Massage Practitioner. She now provides both Chiropractic Assistant and Massage Therapy services at our office.


Melanie chose her career because she wants people to enjoy their lives fully and regain the ability to do things they thought were in the distant past. This extends to the animals we adjust. She loves seeing a dog that may be “beyond help” start to play like a puppy after a few adjustments. Melanie appreciates a good book, movies and concerts- especially when spent with her family and friends. You can always share your stories about vacations, celebrations, new babies, graduations and more with Melanie!

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Nicole Elliot, LMP

Nicole graduated from massage school in 2006 with honors and began her journey with Henschell Chiropractic in October of 2013. She is interested in many modalities including Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure and also enjoys prenatal and sports massage. When Nicole is not at work she is with her husband and 4 children at their home in Puyallup.

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